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Investing Quotes & Insights: September 26, 2021

by | Sep 27, 2021 | Insights

Two investment quotes and one question to consider on your journey to wealth creation.

Our weekly post providing investment quotes, insights and advice from the best thinkers in philosophy, finance and business.

fear stock investing quote

“When you focus on fears, you accumulate more of them.”

As an investor, fear is in abundance wherever you turn (financial news articles, price quotes and pundits). If you’re not mindful enough to divert your focus away from the persistent fear that is often accompanied with listening to the ideas of other investors, you will find yourself accumulating more fears than profit. Fear is seductive – it sounds convincing, wise and a bit like doing your due diligence. The problem is that it’s the exact opposite.

If you are following your system, have done your homework on companies and invest in companies that are trading at a discount – what is there to fear? Fear is only a good use of time when you are acting out of emotion and against your core philosophy as an investor because it may prevent you from making a poor decision. Push fear aside and keep taking action.

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“To put the odds in your favor, you have to play a different game. When it comes to the stock market, there are a number of ways to do just that. One of the best is to fly a little below the radar, to buy shares in smaller companies where the big boys simply can’t play.”

These words are the sage wisdom offered by legendary investor Joel Greenblatt. Learning to play a different game in the stock market is one of those unsexy things like not skipping leg day or shooting 100 free throws after every practice – it doesn’t show up on the stat sheet right away but the compounded effort pays dividends twice over.

If you assess that the majority of people in the market are having an experience that you’d like to replicate, by all means follow the crowd. If not, then you must play a different game.

One Question to Consider:

  • How can I work on further developing a more infinite mindset about my investing?

We hope that you have enjoyed the investing quotes and questions for the week ahead. As always, keep it simple and remember to do your due diligence.