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We are a small group of passionate investors with a singular focus: providing insights on great companies trading at a discount in the stock market. Our valuations and coverage primarily focus on micro and small cap companies in unexplored areas of the market. We believe these are the best types of companies for individual investors given their historical performance and return potential. Many of the companies discussed here have zero or minimal analyst coverage because of their small market caps and other special situations.

we provide insights on the best companies in the most unexplored areas of the stock market

Free Stock Database of Undervalued Companies

Our free stock database provides an updated list of undervalued companies based on relative valuation to each company’s sector, industry, the total market and additional metrics.

Company Valuation Made Simple

Simple methods outperform experts. We share company valuations that are simple and straightforward, tailored to individual investors.  Our current portfolio is a real-time case study of performance data on a selection of stocks from our database, added on a quarterly basis.

Insights on Companies Financial News & Analysts Aren’t Covering

There are roughly 6,000 companies that trade on the New York Stock Exchange and Nasdaq. In a given week, roughly 10 companies dominate 90% of Financial News (including online newsletters). Our mission is to share fresh insights on great companies at the margin.

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