Simple Investing Success Stock Database

    Find undervalued, deeply discounted companies. 

    How to Use the Database

    This information is provided for informational purposes only and is not a solitification to buy or sell or securities. Always do your due diligence and consult a financial advisor before making any investment decision.

    Company Identification

    The stock screener will identify 30 good companies trading at a discount based on the following valuation metrics: returns on capital, operating earnings and enterprise value. The screener attempts to provide an equal number of stocks from all market caps ($50M+).

    No financial stocks included.

    Portfolio Construction

    Build a portfolio of no less than 20 stocks. Historically, larger cap stocks have had less volatility and smaller returns; small cap stocks offer greater volatility and higher returns. Fewer stocks in a portfolio create more volatility and more stocks create lesser volatility. 


    Sell after one year (366+ days) to capture a larger portion of after-tax returns (long term capital gains). Losers can be rotated out of the portfolio in a little less than a year to capture losses. Repeat Step 1. 

    This material is provided for informational purposes only, as of the date hereof, and is subject to change without notice.
    This material may not be suitable for all investors and is not intended to be an offer, or the solicitation of any offer, to buy or sell any securities.

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